• cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm made it into build.last.fm a few days ago, and not only that, but last.fm team rewarded me with a jolly good one year of free last.fm subscription as well, yaaay! thanks last.fm!

    I also decided to release the source-code for cmik.fm under GPL3 over at github for anyone interested (not that I see a good reason for anyone to look at it, but it just feels good to leave it out there). heh :D

  • cmik.fm


    Some time ago I noticed I often fall into the habit of repeating a single song over and over – until I can’t listen to it any more that is. I have also often been wondering how much more or less do I do it compared to my friends. Curious enough to want to find out, having a few years old last.fm account, and (so it happens) being on a side-quest for finding myself a small web project to work on in my free time and learn something new, I started working on cmik.fm. Finally it’s done, I learned quite a lot in the process and it was quite a joyful experience coding it.

    So, if you ever wanted to know this useless piece of information about your life (like I did :D), you could give cmik.fm a try. If you like it, perhaps show it to your friends who use last.fm.

    Special thanks to:

    Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, any suggestions you might have, a bug you noticed or whatever! =)

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    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

  • Last.FM won't scrobble after password update

    For the last few months people have been complaining about not being able to scrobble their songs after they updated their passwords. On their forums, there is no solution to this problem, and it seemed to me like they’re not even trying to fix it until I contacted one of their developers today. He explained that the problem is known and that they’re working on it. What’s going wrong is that the scrobbling server uses a cached version of your user data, so when you change the password on the website it doesn’t correctly clear this cached user data out, so the website uses the new data but the scrobbling server uses the old data. At least now we know what the problem is all about, and hope they fix it soon.

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