• Contributing back – InfluxData.Net NuGet

    Contributing back – InfluxData.Net NuGet

    On project that I currently work on in Dovetail, we’re using the InfluxDb time-series database. And it’s a really cool thing to be working with.

    Recently we had to move to a newer version of InfluxDb and the library that we were using at the time became a bit stale and didn’t support the newest version of InfluxDb (v0.9.6) which we had to move to. So, partially out of necessity, and partially “because I can” and wan to, I decided to update the currently existing library and then re-release it as a NuGet package under a slightly different name.

    *drumroll* – the code for the InfluxData.Net NuGet is available on Github. It already had a few code contributions which is quite exciting. The whole codebase has been refactored, additional tests written and I believe that the codebase is now quite stable. I plan on expanding the library API to support most of the stuff that InfluxDb provides, and I also plan on implementing the API’s for other InfluxData products such as Kapacitor and Telegraf.

    If people keep using it in the future, I’ll consider it a success and it will make me happy. :)

  • Automatic Wake-on-Lan (Android)

    Automatic Wake-on-Lan (Android)

    I just released this simple Android Wake-on-Lan app which lets you turn on your devices automatically over Wi-Fi upon obtaining network connectivity. The app features quiet-hours which let you suppress auto-wake during a period of time of your choosing. You can also set an “idle-time” value which can be used to suppress auto-wake for a period of time since your device has last been disconnected from Wi-Fi to prevent random wakes in case your Android device looses Wi-Fi connectivity.

    The app is released under GPLv3 over at github.

    Special thanks go to my good friend Marko Iličić for his help and guidance through the Android SDK. :)

    It was a fun ride, enjoy!

  • cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm made it into build.last.fm a few days ago, and not only that, but last.fm team rewarded me with a jolly good one year of free last.fm subscription as well, yaaay! thanks last.fm!

    I also decided to release the source-code for cmik.fm under GPL3 over at github for anyone interested (not that I see a good reason for anyone to look at it, but it just feels good to leave it out there). heh :D

  • Github “Permission denied (publickey).” fix

    Github “Permission denied (publickey).” fix

    Over at github troubleshooting page, there is some info about this issue, but since I haven’t used this way of authentication (public key) previously it took me a while to figure out why exactly I kept getting this message and why I failed to establish a connection with github. The thing is, I generated an RSA key-pair with a name different from the default “id_rsa” and because of that the ssh-agent did not have the key in its cache (thus I could not authenticate).

    To fix this, you can either use the default “id_rsa” for your key name (in which case it will be in ssh-agent’s cache automatically) or use “ssh-add your_key” command to add it to the cache.

    If you did the same funky key-naming thing as I did, I hope this helps and takes away your headache! =D

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