• Can't remove firefox tags

    Dunno why but in firefox 3 after adding a tag to a bookmark, later on, I haven’t been able to delete it no matter what I tried… hopefully there IS a solution.

    1) download firefox extension: SQLLite
    2) run it.
    3) at the top right of screen, choose places.sqllite, click go.
    4) select Tables -> moz_bookmarks
    5) click browse&search tab, and then click on search
    6) under “6. title=” box enter “nameOfYourTag”
    7) right click -> delete.

    It’s funny mozzila dedevelopers didn’t integrate the option for this…
    Thanks to people who found a way to fix tags.

  • Can’t install firefox plugins

    Got this weird problem with firefox3 under fresh installations of Fedora and Arch Linux distros. Firefox hanged every time i tried to install a plugin. The solution to this was very simple though.

    Edit /etc/hosts and add the following line:

    1   releases.mozilla.org
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