• Secret Arcade Jam – FireWallCade

    Secret Arcade Jam – FireWallCade

    So, last weekend a Secret Arcade Jam was held, organized by Erik Svedäng for his else Heart.break() game. The goal was to create a mini-game that can be run on computer terminals inside the game. Erik created a simple Ruby-inspired programming language called Sprak which is used to code the mini-games. What you get inside the game is a terminal with an editor (it even has syntax-highlighting and everything!), compiler and runner to try your code out..

    This all sounded like a whole lot of awesomesauce to my friend Dalibor and me, so we decided to give it a go and try and make something. After two days of (haaard) work, we had our own mini game – *drumroll* FireWallCade. It’s a very simple game. You have good and bad “network packets” (green and red blocks) falling down from the top of the screen at increasing speed. Then there are two “ports” at the bottom which can be opened and closed by using left and right keys. The goal here is to block the bad packets and to let the good ones pass through. We even created a splash screen in ASCII, a menu and a GameOver screen. Here are a few screenshots..

    else Heart.break() shell


    code editor (very cool!)


    ASCIIIIIII splash


    about (SPACE handlers eveeerywheeereee)


    gameplay :)


    Well anyway, we won! :D People were able to vote on their favorite game and apparently we got over 40% of the votes. Thanks everyone! :)

    The prize for the first place was – your game ends up in the else Heart.break() itself. That means we now actually need to make it even better! Optimize it a bit, perhaps make it look a bit nicer as well, we’ll see.. I hope Eriks game ends up a good and interesting.



  • Automatic Wake-on-Lan (Android)

    Automatic Wake-on-Lan (Android)

    I just released this simple Android Wake-on-Lan app which lets you turn on your devices automatically over Wi-Fi upon obtaining network connectivity. The app features quiet-hours which let you suppress auto-wake during a period of time of your choosing. You can also set an “idle-time” value which can be used to suppress auto-wake for a period of time since your device has last been disconnected from Wi-Fi to prevent random wakes in case your Android device looses Wi-Fi connectivity.

    The app is released under GPLv3 over at github.

    Special thanks go to my good friend Marko Iličić for his help and guidance through the Android SDK. :)

    It was a fun ride, enjoy!

  • 残像 – Zanzou

    残像 – Zanzou

    Zanzou is alive. =)

    Zanzou an e-learning tool I made as my computer science master’s degree thesis project at the Faculty of electrical engineering, Osijek, Croatia. Its goal is to help people memorize kana using flashcards. Based on unsuccessful answering, Zanzou will repeat certain symbols more frequently and (depending on the chosen difficulty level) it will group and present some of the similar symbols together to make it harder to “guess the answer”. Global user success statistics are also available.


    • memorize hiragana and katakana using flashcards
    • three difficulty levels
    • three types of exercises
      • kana to roumaji
      • roumaji to kana
      • voice to kana
    • customize your kana practice set
    • flashcard frequency based on correct answers
    • free

    Thanks to

    For any feedback or bug reports, feel free to contact me through email or just drop a comment bellow. =)

  • cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

    cmik.fm made it into build.last.fm a few days ago, and not only that, but last.fm team rewarded me with a jolly good one year of free last.fm subscription as well, yaaay! thanks last.fm!

    I also decided to release the source-code for cmik.fm under GPL3 over at github for anyone interested (not that I see a good reason for anyone to look at it, but it just feels good to leave it out there). heh :D

  • cmik.fm


    Some time ago I noticed I often fall into the habit of repeating a single song over and over – until I can’t listen to it any more that is. I have also often been wondering how much more or less do I do it compared to my friends. Curious enough to want to find out, having a few years old last.fm account, and (so it happens) being on a side-quest for finding myself a small web project to work on in my free time and learn something new, I started working on cmik.fm. Finally it’s done, I learned quite a lot in the process and it was quite a joyful experience coding it.

    So, if you ever wanted to know this useless piece of information about your life (like I did :D), you could give cmik.fm a try. If you like it, perhaps show it to your friends who use last.fm.

    Special thanks to:

    Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, any suggestions you might have, a bug you noticed or whatever! =)

    Read more:
    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

  • Da ne zaboravim _\\//

    Da ne zaboravim _\\//

    [2009-03-04 19:08] installed filesystem (2009.01-1)
    [2009-03-04 20:35] synchronizing package lists
    [11.09.2012] R.I.P. (3y6m7d / 1287 days)

    [2009-03-07 20:18] installed filesystem (2009.01-1)
    [2009-03-07 21:15] synchronizing package lists

    Long live Arch.

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