• Alesis DM10, Ableton, Addictive Drums + an additional audio source from laptop

    Alesis DM10, Ableton, Addictive Drums + an additional audio source from laptop

    Hopefully this post will help you if you’re looking to setup your eDrums with Ableton and Addictive Drums 2 (or any another virtual drum kit with a VST for Ableton). I don’t know that much about music equipment so it took me a while to figure out where all the pieces fall into place.

    My initial issue with Ableton and AD2 was that MS Windows OS has very bad audio support (drivers) for anything more advanced than the simplest form of audio reproduction through speakers or headphones. What I wanted was to connect the Alesis DM10 to my laptop to get better quality drum samples with AD2 than what I had with the DM10 module and to be able to turn on a YouTube video and to play alongside with it. It didn’t take long for me to realize this wouldn’t work. Even with ASIO4ALL drivers, I could either get Ableton or the browser to output the sound into the headphones, not both at the same time.

    So, after a bit of research and some advice from a few fellow musicians, I decided that what I needed was a USB audio interface that would also act as a mixer. After doing a bit more research, I found out that Komplete Audio 6 was quite popular amongst drummers who wanted a low latency audio interface for triggering VST’s. I’m sure any other USB enabled interface with balanced input could easily do the job as well.


    The next few steps included removing the ASIO4ALL drivers, installing official Komplete Audio 6 drivers, setting up Ableton with AD2 VST (make sure to check the “install as VST” checkbox during AD2 installation) and wiring up the hardware together.


    This is how the Komplete 6 is supposed to light up when everything is connected and setup properly (both inputs are set to INST, headphones are set to 1/2, 48V on the back side is ON and the monitor “ON button” needs to be pressed once every time you turn this whole setup on):


    This is how the channels IN/OUT setup in Ableton looks like (click to view the full resolution screenshot):






    Ableton audio preferences:


    Ableton link/MIDI preferences:


    Komplete Audio 6 control panel:


    And this is the screen where you can map the DM10 MIDI triggers to AD2 sounds (this AD2 keymap might help you with that):


    To map the triggers easier, press the “Learn” button and then hit the element that you wish to map with a stick. This will utilize AD’s “smart learning” and will automatically map the input from a trigger with an AD2 element (snare, hi-hat, kick, whatever..). Sometimes it’s a bit hard to use this (for example the ride bell which can be somewhat hard to trigger on DM10) but I found that for all the other elements it does the job really well.

    You might also want to slightly adjust triggers sensitivity on the DM10 module itself to make the AD2 respond more to your liking and expectations (you can make it require more or less force to produce trigger sound). Use that in conjunction with the curve on the righthand side of the hi-hat image from the last screenshot.

    All in all, I’m really happy with how this works. The latency is very minimal and 99% of the time it’s not in the way of playing. I do have an SSD in the laptop and there was a noticeable difference in how Ableton/AD2 performed while the crappy 5400 was inside and after I installed the SSD. The CPU in the laptop is the i7-4510U (not sure if that makes any difference or not).

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions or a different setup that you’d like to share, leave a comment. Cheers!

  • cmik.fm


    Some time ago I noticed I often fall into the habit of repeating a single song over and over – until I can’t listen to it any more that is. I have also often been wondering how much more or less do I do it compared to my friends. Curious enough to want to find out, having a few years old last.fm account, and (so it happens) being on a side-quest for finding myself a small web project to work on in my free time and learn something new, I started working on cmik.fm. Finally it’s done, I learned quite a lot in the process and it was quite a joyful experience coding it.

    So, if you ever wanted to know this useless piece of information about your life (like I did :D), you could give cmik.fm a try. If you like it, perhaps show it to your friends who use last.fm.

    Special thanks to:

    Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, any suggestions you might have, a bug you noticed or whatever! =)

    Read more:
    cmik.fm at build.last.fm + source at github

  • o trzalicama

    (19:05:53) perovodokotlić: evo opet se dogodilo to
    (19:05:57) perovodokotlić: ono kad ti padne nešto na pod ispod tebe
    (19:05:58) perovodokotlić: i nestane
    (19:06:04) perovodokotlić: trzalica
    (19:06:06) perovodokotlić: nema je
    (19:06:08) pootzko: :D
    (19:06:10) perovodokotlić: pala mi je pod noge i nema je niiigdje
    (19:06:12) pootzko: trzalice pogotovo
    (19:06:16) pootzko: one kad padnu
    (19:06:24) pootzko: otvore neki procjep u prostorno vremenskom kontinuumu
    (19:06:31) pootzko: i odu u neki paralelni svemir
    (19:06:34) pootzko: never to be found again
    (19:06:39) perovodokotlić: hahaha
    (19:07:59) pootzko: i šarafi isto
    (19:08:00) pootzko: i neposlušne nikadprobavljene kokice

    spontani red guglanja…

    …i red slučajnog dalekointernetskog očitoistomišljenika

    ~ragetoons + ~mylifecomics

  • druydsong a day, keeps silence away!

    Thank you Druyd =)

  • Balkan Tunes – Jovano Jovanke (11x)

    A song probably most responsible for steering me into traditional music before I even understood all the musical background of what I like and look for in music. Bulgarian, Macedonian.. who cares? Balkan. This is a tribute, and these are some of the finest interpretations out there. Enjoy!

    Nigel Kennedy – from album “East meets East” 2003

    Vlatko Stefanovski – Live in Zagreb 2008

    Dominik Kukic

    Toše Proeski i Biljana Krstić – live

    Many Hands ensemble – Live in Kyushu, Japan 2003


    Leb i Sol – Live in Macedonia 2006

    Slavi Trifonov


    Željko Joksimović – live

    Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadić – Live in Zagreb 2007 ( been there =)) )

  • have no fear, for duende is here!


    duende didgeridoo

    With du & da (thank you!) waching over my shoulder, providing me with plenty of wishes and material to work with, we nailed it in due time using wordpress, customizing its bits, and driving it to its very edges. Honestly, I didn’t think wordpress could pull off something like duende (especialy navigation-wise), but there is always space to learn something new. ;)

    I hope you enjoy duende as much as I enjoyed making it… =)

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