Playing with IBM Quantum Computer

What does a programmer do when he has enough free time on his hands? He tries to do something with a quantum computer. :D

IBM will let you try and do something with their quantum computer for free. Five qubits and all! :D There is a fair bit of documentation on their site on how one should go about thinking of quantum computer programming and it involves a lot of advanced math. It gets a bit difficult to follow at times, so I guess this is where all these college math courses paid off. :D

So, after you go through the beginners guide, you can start playing with the composer. After running a few examples from the guide and another few I found on other blogs on the internet, I realized I’m not sure what to do with all this at this stage. You can spend your computing credits quite fast and easily so it feels a bit limiting and slow to do anything. But that’s ok, it wouldn’t be right for someone to usurp the thing for too long. You also realize quite quickly that today’s quantum computers aren’t really that powerful yet. Instead it feels more like a really interesting proof of concept. So anyway, it was really cool to be able to even do that and the fact that this is actually publicly accessible to anyone is beyond awesome. Guess I’ll pay attention to what happens with this in the future. :)

In the mean time check how this guy made the rock/paper/scissors on the platform!