Diving into Gulp

For some time now I’ve been waiting to learn how to Gulp properly. As I started working on a home pet-project to keep sharp and get more in-depth with certain things, this was a good opportunity to learn more about Gulp as well. So far, I have mostly been using either famous-ish premade gulp scripts or the tools that came built-in (or as an extension) with Visual Studio. But that never really felt right, more like a cheap get-away.

Anyway, I went through JavaScript Build Automation With Gulp.js. It’s a Pluralsight ~5hr course by John Papa who is quite a famous name within Angular circles for his angular-styleguide. I loved every bit of the course. It’s easy to follow, goes through the whole setup, explains the how’s and why’s and gives you code samples. I highly recommend it as it will give you a very solid gulp foundation and will make you more productive.

Right now I’m in the middle of bootstrapping his gulp-patterns, and I’m taking out the stuff that I don’t need. Great base, and I feel very happy about the whole thing. :)