Secret Arcade Jam – FireWallCade

So, last weekend a Secret Arcade Jam was held, organized by Erik Svedäng for his else Heart.break() game. The goal was to create a mini-game that can be run on computer terminals inside the game. Erik created a simple Ruby-inspired programming language called Sprak which is used to code the mini-games. What you get inside the game is a terminal with an editor (it even has syntax-highlighting and everything!), compiler and runner to try your code out..

This all sounded like a whole lot of awesomesauce to my friend Dalibor and me, so we decided to give it a go and try and make something. After two days of (haaard) work, we had our own mini game – *drumroll* FireWallCade. It’s a very simple game. You have good and bad “network packets” (green and red blocks) falling down from the top of the screen at increasing speed. Then there are two “ports” at the bottom which can be opened and closed by using left and right keys. The goal here is to block the bad packets and to let the good ones pass through. We even created a splash screen in ASCII, a menu and a GameOver screen. Here are a few screenshots..

else Heart.break() shell


code editor (very cool!)




about (SPACE handlers eveeerywheeereee)


gameplay :)


Well anyway, we won! :D People were able to vote on their favorite game and apparently we got over 40% of the votes. Thanks everyone! :)

The prize for the first place was – your game ends up in the else Heart.break() itself. That means we now actually need to make it even better! Optimize it a bit, perhaps make it look a bit nicer as well, we’ll see.. I hope Eriks game ends up a good and interesting.