Mapping Japanese kana characters (hiragana/katakana) for use in programming

When I started working on Zanzou, I had to find a way to somehow map the whole kana so I could later use it in my webapp. I simply used 2D array to accomplish this. It’s no nuclear science but to save you the trouble of copying and pasting all the symbols into a single file yourself (I think it actually took me around an hour to do it :D), here is my kana.js file (note that if if you open the file itself in the browser, it will most probably display some strange characters instead of proper UTF-8 encoded kana symbols but when you open the file in your text editor, it should be usable and displayed just fine).

I divided it into 4 major groups (arrays): monographs, digraphs, monographs with diacritics and digraphs with diacritics. Each array element (representing sound) consists of 3 subelements (roumaji record, and hiragana and katakana symbols).

With some minor modifications, this could easily be used in any other programming language. Just make sure if you edit the file to save it in UTF-8.

Hope it helps, がんばって!