Nook Simple Touch “Reading Now” button goes to the first page of the book fix

This happened to me a few times now (each time after a new firmware update) and it’s actually quite an annoying bug. What happens is that if you go to home/library/settings/whatever screen and then want to go back to where you stopped reading a book by pressing “Reading Now” button in the upper left corner, it doesn’t take you to the right page but to the first page of that book and it also “ignores/forgets” your bookmarks (opening a book from the library screen goes to the right page and still remembers bookmarks correctly). In my case this happened with side-loaded books and stock firmware and here is what fixed it for me:

  1. Connect Nook to your PC with USB cable
  2. Delete everything from both the internal memory and the SD card
  3. Safely remove and disconnect the device
  4. Reboot your Nook
  5. Connect the device to your PC again
  6. Side-load your books again
  7. Safely remove and disconnect the device
  8. Everything should be working properly now