Some time ago I noticed I often fall into the habit of repeating a single song over and over – until I can’t listen to it any more that is. I have also often been wondering how much more or less do I do it compared to my friends. Curious enough to want to find out, having a few years old account, and (so it happens) being on a side-quest for finding myself a small web project to work on in my free time and learn something new, I started working on Finally it’s done, I learned quite a lot in the process and it was quite a joyful experience coding it.

So, if you ever wanted to know this useless piece of information about your life (like I did :D), you could give a try. If you like it, perhaps show it to your friends who use

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Feel free to leave a comment with your feedback, any suggestions you might have, a bug you noticed or whatever! =)

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