Making sound files for REminiscence (Flashback) work

As REminiscence README indicates (“To hear background music during polygonal cutscenes with the PC version, you’ll need to copy the .mod files of the Amiga version”), you will have to copy Flashback sound files into the DATA directory within your REminiscence directory. They can be obtained here. After you have downloaded and extracted the files, you will rename them as follows:

ascenseur -----> mod.flashback-ascenseur
ceinture ------> mod.flashback-ceinturea
chute ---------> mod.flashback-chute
debut ---------> mod.flashback-jungle
desinteg ------> mod.flashback-desintegr
donneobj ------> mod.flashback-donneobjt
fin -----------> mod.flashback-fin
game_over -----> mod.flashback-game_over
holocube ------> mod.flashback-holocube
intro ---------> mod.flashback-introb
journal -------> mod.flashback-options1
level4 --------> mod.flashback-teleporta
logo ----------> mod.flashback-logo
memoire -------> mod.flashback-memoire
missions ------> mod.flashback-missionca
missions2 -----> mod.flashback-fin2
options -------> mod.flashback-options2
planetexplo ---> mod.flashback-teleport2
reunion -------> mod.flashback-reunion
taxi ----------> mod.flashback-taxi
voyage --------> mod.flashback-voyage

If you did everything properly, you should hear this beautiful music after you launch REminiscence (and all the other music clips throughout the game of course).. Voila!