Balkan Tunes – Jovano Jovanke (11x)

A song probably most responsible for steering me into traditional music before I even understood all the musical background of what I like and look for in music. Bulgarian, Macedonian.. who cares? Balkan. This is a tribute, and these are some of the finest interpretations out there. Enjoy!

Nigel Kennedy – from album “East meets East” 2003

Vlatko Stefanovski – Live in Zagreb 2008

Dominik Kukic

Toše Proeski i Biljana Krstić – live

Many Hands ensemble – Live in Kyushu, Japan 2003


Leb i Sol – Live in Macedonia 2006

Slavi Trifonov


Željko Joksimović – live

Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadić – Live in Zagreb 2007 ( been there =)) )