Clipperz – online password manager

What is Clipperz? It’s an online password manager where you can store your passwords, pins, credit card details, software keys, or any other confidential data without worrying about the security. It solves you the trouble of worrying about too many different passwords you can not (or don’t want to) remember…


What you are also able to do with Clipperz is – you can login to online service you use with only “one click” without typing any usernames and passwords… You can create a read-only encrypted portable version of Clipperz to put it on your local hard drive or USB stick in case no Internet connection is available to you. Importing and/or exporting to Clipperz from formats like Excel, Keepass, etc. are also avaliable. You can use it from any computer, any browser, any OS and it’s completely anonymous. There is also one very very interesting feature – logging in with a “one time keyphrase” (very useable if logging from soneone elses computer and let’s say he has a keylogger on it, he gets your keyphrase but after you logout – it’s useless).

It works in the way that your data is encrypted localy by the browser itself before uploading it to the server. The key to the encryption is a passphrase (kind of like a password) which never even gets sent or saved on the server. Therefore, no one except you can not access your data. Clipperz guarantees 128-bit security level.

“Clipperz password manager is the first zero-knowledge web application. This means that Clipperz knows nothing about its users and their data. Not even their usernames!

So you’re probably asking yourself – “How come not even Clipperz can se my personal data?”, right?
It’s all completely transparent, and you can view the whole source code of the application here. Clipperz developers say not to trust them, but to check it yourself =)

A flash introduction to Clipperz